Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A gruesome fate!

I just learned the gruesome details about my late grandfather’s fate. I have known for a long time that he was killed in Srebrenica in 1995 when Serb soldiers overran the enclave killing approximately 8,000 innocent civilians. According to a testimony given by a Serb soldier who had participated in the attack on Srebrenica, my grandfather was hung in front of his house by Serb soldiers and left there to hang for a couple of days before he was buried in his own garden. During the three years that he spent in Srebrenica with my grandmother he systematically refused to believe that Serbs would harm him if Srebrenica fell into their hands. My grandmother who fortunately survived the massacre said that he was stubborn and na├»ve and he remained calm even on the day when Srebrenica fell. Grandmother also said that he did not even attempt to flee that day. Paradoxically, the incontrovertible and abundant evidence of the Serbian atrocities during the three years of the Serb siege of Srebrenica had not been sufficient to convince grandfather to flee the town. Not even the fact that their own house was hit by a bomb and almost killed both of them was sufficient. He simply could not believe that people could commit enormities. He never hurt a fly in his life and therefore he assumed that all people had benevolent intentions.

For that he paid with his life. May those who committed this appalling barbarity forever burn in hell and may my grandfather forever rest in peace.
Dedicated to Alija Salihovic.