Saturday, July 23, 2005

Atrocity denial over Bosnia!

Paradoxically, there are people who still claim that there was no massacre in Srebrenica despite the abundant and incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Thousands of corroborated eye-witness accounts of the survivors of the Srebrenica massacre do not suffice either; these atrocity deniers simply do not care about the truth. In point of fact, these people abhor the truth and they display a flagrant disregard for all human suffering.
One such example is a webiste called An apologist for Serb atrocities in Bosnia and Kosovo, this website does not contain a single element of truth about the war in Bosnia and Kosovo. When the videotape of the gruesome execution of six Muslim men was released, this website immediately responded by calling it a fraud. According to the emperors-clothes, the videotape had been tempered with in order to dehumanize the Serbs. While the horrific footage no doubt shocked the whole world, the emperors-clothes website questioned the authenticity of the videotape.
In general, atrocity deniers show a complete lack of empathy and solidarity; there is no evidence in the world that can make them change their minds, not even a cold-blooded execution of these powerless and defenseless men. In fact, even if they themselves had witnessed this unfathomable atrocity, they would have denied that they had seen anything. They would probably have claimed that the whole scene had been arranged by the Americans or the Muslims themselves in order to frame the Serbs.
To further their own perverted agendas, atrocity deniers knowingly misrepresent and distort facts. Websites like the emperors-clothes, have no respect whatsoever for the survivors of the Srebrenica massacre nor are they able to empathize with these people whose lives have forever been ruined when Srebrenica fell on 11 July 1995.
What is the principal reason these atrocity deniers refuse to admit the truth about the massacre in Srebrenica and other Serb atrocities in Bosnia and Kosovo? In my opinion, the reason is very simple: they are staunch opponents of NATO and the U.S. foreign policy. In their opinions, the U.S. government is to blame for all evil in the world. Moreover, these atrocity deniers assert that the Western media have always been demonizing the Serbs. It is never explained to the reader what the Western media could possibly gain from being biased towards the Serbs. If anything, the Western media was downplaying Serb atrocities during the war in Bosnia. So, instead of relying on mainstream media, these atrocity deniers use dubious and uncorroborated sources in order to support their preposterous conspiracy theories. I strongly urge everyone to visit this website and see what they write about Milosevic and other notorious war criminals who have committed egregious atrocities in Bosnia.