Monday, September 05, 2011

Swedish national TV (SVT) guilty of historical revisionism AGAIN!

Swedish national TV (SVT) has done it again. Last night SVT broadcast another documentary about the war in Bosnia, this time attempting to convince its viewers that a large number of Mujaheddin fighters arrived in Bosnia in order to use Bosnia as a haven from which to unleash unprecedented terror throughout the West. While no one is denying that volunteers from the Arab world fought alongside the Bosniak fighters, the assertion that Bosnia is now harboring countless Islamic extremists from the Arab world is ridiculously preposterous and completely unfounded.

SVT has argued that the purpose of the documentary is to offer a more balanced account of the war in Bosnia. A mere glance at their primary sources seriously undermines the credibility of this documentary. SVT has used exclusively Bosnian Serb sources and RTS TV in their futile effort to blame the Bosnian Muslims not only for the war in Bosnia but also for their "religious zealotry", apparently completely oblivious to Noel Malcolm's outstanding study of religious secularism among the Muslim population in Bosnia. Why not include reliable sources in the documentary instead of using notoriously pro-Serb ones?

Also, there was no mention in the documentary of the countless Russian and Greek mercenaries who arrived in Bosnia to side with Bosnian Serbs. If the principal objective of SVT was to show a fair and balanced account of the war in Bosnia, failure to include this fact is indicative of spurious and grossly biased journalism.